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Taste of Home

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Always take the skin off

Shredded cabbage (manual labour)

Keep hands clean - Adhering to sanitary codes

Getting closer ......
Chicken is fully cooked
Trap the moisture whilst cooling down
Ready to be deboned
Deboned. The wishbone is intact
Herbs straight from the garden to the kitchen 
and special blended fish sauce 
Organic polygonum and basil are from the garden
Last harvest of the season
Polygonum complements chicken salad
Basil complements chicken noodle soup
Dinner is ready
Dinner is finished
The aftermath ......
Should all be in a cloth bag. Doesn't look appealing.
Enough for one more meal tomorrow
For the next day ......
Preparation/cook time: 2.5 hrs - Eating time: 20 min.
Clean up time: 1.5 hrs
Cleaned ......
Cleaned ......

The kitchen is now closed - 23:

Reopen tomorrow, 10.08.14, at 17:00 
 The next day ...... 10.08.14 

Leftovers from yesterday. Still edible and tasty


Gà kho gừng, tỏi (Chicken in shredded ginger)

Mướp đắng xào trứng - Thịt "côtelette" rán
Bitter melon with egg and garlic

Cam tươi vắt tay (Hand-squeezed orange juice)
Canh đậu hũ cà chua trứng (Tofu soup) 
Thịt kho tiêu mặn và đậu bắp luộc 
(Simmered pork in pepper sauce)

Đủ loại rau xào thịt gà
(Sauté mixed vegetables with garlic chicken)

Oatmeal với cà ri gà và rau cải xanh
(Oatmeal with curry chicken and kale)
Always take the skin off 
Gà rút da (Naked chicken)
Worth the effort

Cà ri gà có xương (Curry chicken {bone-in}) 

Sinh tố trái cây (Natural vitamins)

Gà kho gừng có xương
Bone-in chicken in ginger sauce
Rau nhà lá vườn, organic home-grown pepermint
Gà kho gừng với bắp cải luộc
Rau xào tỏi (Sauté vegetables in garlic sauce)

Su hào xào tỏi (Kohlrabi in garlic sauce)

Xu hào xào tỏi và thịt kho

Vietnamese-styled mayonnaise
Bơ bánh mì Việt Nam
Làm bánh mì "baguette" (French baguette)

Thất bại hoàn toàn. Bánh mì cứng ném chó cũng chết. 
This is a disaster as it is nothing of a baguette. 
The loaves are rocks. 

Thịt kho với trứng
(Braised pork with hard-boiled eggs)

Mắm kho quẹt mặn
(Stew pork and dried shrimp dip)

Sinh tố béo phì (High-calorie smoothie)