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 Troubleshooting Sound Blaster Audigy SE from Creative Labs

Audigy SE (OEM) is in place in a PCI slot

Driver installer failed - Harware detection issue

Sound is detected without drivers 
Retail cards function well in two home-built systems
Issues: Driver installation failed as hardware could not be detected. 

Analysis: The board was installed in two different systems and detected by both BIOS(es) but the installer failed in WIndows 7 Professional. Research indicates a corrupt board ID in EEPROM which results in an invalid ID that the installer couldn't recognise. 

Recommendation: Exchange for another card and if the second one continues to be corrupt then look for a different card other than the Audigy. 

Retail version of the card seems to avoid this issue and function quite well in two home-built systems.  


Creative Labs Forum: Sound Blaster Audigy driver installer refuses to recognise the card  


Hello friends, 

The issue: for some reason only known to Creative, in certain cases the hardware id substring (a number used to identify the model number of your card) on the original Audigy sound cards becomes corrupted. The driver setup program will then no longer allow you to install the drivers since 'a supported product can't be found'. Now, let me point out that in my opinion 

1. Creative ought to let you install any of their drivers for any pci card YOU decide, instead of forcing the installer to exit if a supported product supposedly can't be found. 
2. Should take their responsibility and fix/replace the Audigy cards exhibiting this issue, or release drivers with a solution. The fact that this an older sound card is no excuse, since this is clearly an issue experienced by quite a number of people (search google). 

However, there is one simple solution: 
1. Install the excellent freeware Kxproject drivers (located at http://kxproject.lugosoft.com/). They will actually identify your card correctly, and also give better sound quality and many additional features Creative never bothered to make available (but which are supported by the chip on the card). This is the preferred solution since it's not to hard to install & configure these drivers. 

If, however, you use Vista x64 (like I do), you're out of luck. Kxproject does not support x64 os-es. But, oh joy, I've found a solution! Of course, on XP you could install the original drivers. But this option is more to my liking. 

1. Download the driver package for the Audigy card from Creatives website 
2. Open the .exe file in an archiving utility (eg. PowerArchiver), and extract the files somewhere 
3. Open the extraction dir and go to the Drivers\wdm\ subdirectory 
4. Open wdma_emu.inf in notepad 
5. Press ctrl+F and do a search for "; Audigy, Audigy 2" (without the " of course) 
6. Once you've found it, press enter, and on the next line paste "%Audigy.DeviceDesc%=Audigy_Device,PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00401102" (without " ) 

-- This adds the corrupted hardware id to the list of allowed model numbers for the driver installation, enabling you to install the drivers anyway. If your corrupted id is different (look for the Details > Hardware ids tab in Device manager where your card is listed) copy the line "%Audigy.DeviceDesc%=Audigy_Device,PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00xxxxxx" (where xxxxxx is the number specific to your situation) instead. -- 

7. Repeat for the next "; Audigy, Audigy 2" line, and again, and again (so a total of 4 times). Smart people only need to do this step once, since it's only necessary for the section which applies to you ([Creative.NTX86.6] for x84 systems, [Creative.NTIA64.6] for itanium, [Creative.NTAMD64.6] for x64) 
8. Save the file 
9. Manually search for drivers in the device manager 'update driver' option, select the Drivers\wdm subdir and presto. Your drivers will finally install! 
10. Run setup.exe located in the \Drivers subdir to tie up loose ends and complete the install. 

You won't get all the creative bloatware this way (I haven't been able to fix the actual setup.exe program), but everything else will work fine and you'll be able to use your precious Audigy you paid good money for. If you want the FireWire/Gameport to work I fear you're out of luck too.. but vista wouldn't detect them for me anyway. Good luck! You can reply or mail me (through the forum) if anything is unclear. And, in closing: shame on you, Creative.


G-Skill DRAM memory specs:

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Import personal bookmarks/favourites from Maxthon browser to Firefox or Chrome

I. Export bookmarks from Maxthon browser in HTML format.

      1. Follow this procedure to save the resulting bookmark file in HTML format to the hard drive. 

II. Import bookmarks (exported HTML file from Maxthon) into Firefox browser:

      1. Click on the "Show Your Bookmarks" button as illustrated in the above e.image and select "Show All Bookmarks" (click on the e.image for an expanded version.) 

      2. A "Library" dialog appears. Click on "Import and Backup" drop-down menu and select "Import Bookmarks from HTML file"
      3. Locate and select the bookmark file which was exported from the Maxthon browser and saved in the hard drive.

      4. The bookmark file is now imported into Firefox and all bookmarks appear in the bookmark area of Firefox 

III. Import bookmarks (exported HTML file from Maxthon) into Google Chrome browser:

       1. Click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button as illustrated in the above e.image and select "Bookmarks" -> "Import bookmarks and settings ...." 

      2. A "Import bookmarks and settings" dialog appears and select "Bookmarks HTML File" from the "From: " drop-down menu.

      3. Select "Choose File" and locate and select the bookmark file which was exported from the Maxthon browser and saved in the hard drive.
      4. Click on "Import" to migrate all bookmarks from the Maxthon browser

4. The bookmark file is now imported into Chrome and all bookmarks appear as a folder in Chrome

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